An Evening with the Buharov brothers



Our beloved Örökmozgó art cinema reopened last week at a new location, close to Kálvin tér with a brave new program. Thanks to a handful of dedicated (old school) film lovers for a whole month Örökmozgó will focus on experimental / avant-garde films showing most of them in their original format !!!

This Thursday evening is dedicated to the work of the Buharov brothers, an artist duo who have been working together almost twenty years producing several films and music projects. Their surrealistic avant-garde films dance on the edge of fine art and cinematic art with emphasis on social and political criticism.

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1. Block –

  • Hotel Tubu (2002) 4′
  • Slow Mirror / Lassú tükör (2007) 86′
  • Oneheadword Protection / Egyvezérszavas védelem (2006) 7′

2. Block –

  • Johnny and the goosies / Jancsika és libuskák (2009) 5′
  • Most of the souls that live here / Az itt élő lelkek nagy része (2015) 93′

Extra: Q&A with the Buharov brothers

Moderator: Péter Lichter

Location: Örökmozgó Art Cinema, 2-4, Üllői street , 1085 – Budapest
Date: 7. April 2016, 5.00 pm – 9.00 pm



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