Brno Devětsil: Multimedia Overlaps of the Artistic Avant-garde


The existence of Brněnský Devětsil (“Brno Butterbur”, full title “Brněnský Devětsil, a Union for the Promotion and Creation of Contemporary Culture”) constitutes a remarkable and unjustly marginalized chapter in Brno’s cultural life. It was an association that had, in contrast to some other literary and art groups, a global and international character. The brief period ofBrněnský Devětsil, spanning the years 1923-1927, was not limited to regional activities but was also important in the broader context of modern culture, not only within the cultural life of Brno but at popularization, political and journalistic levels as well.

The exhibition project sets out to present, in particular, the multimedia outreach of the Brno avant-garde. One of the areas in which some members of Brněnský Devětsil were interested was cinema. The film avant-garde’s activities evolved around the publishing and critique activities of one of its founders, Artuš Černík. Černík, together with further Brno authors such as Ctibor Haluza, Čestmír Jeřábek and Jiří Mahen, also wrote poetist film scripts and librettos. The preserved film and photogenic poems make up interesting material not only for the observing of the metamorphoses of Czech film thinking. Along with picture poems, they represent the purest form of realizations of theoretically formulated ideas and concepts of the Devětsil avant-garde.

Curator: Petr Ingerle

Location: The Moravian Gallery in Brno
Open: 28. November 2014 – 26. April 2015.


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