Buharov brothers and Péter Lichter in Bem Cinema



The Buharov brothers have been  working together over 15 years producing and directing several films and music projects (Pop Ivan). Their surrealistic avant-garde films dance on the edge of fine art and cinematic art with emphasis on social and political criticism.

Péter Lichter  is a Hungarian experimental filmmaker, currently doing his Ph.D in film studies at Eötvös Lórád University, Department of Film Studies, Budapest.  Usually he uses found footage super 8 and 35 mm material to create abstract and lyrical films.

Organizer: András Szirtes

Moderator: Anna Kádár film theorist


Buharov brothers:

  • Goodbye Mama! (1997)
  • Hotel Tubu (2002)
  • Oneheadword Protection (Egyvezérszavas védelem) (2006)
  • Johnny and the goosies (Jancsika és libuskák) (2009)
  • Mothmilk (Molytej) (2009)
  • Tales for Cruel People (Mesék kegyetlen embereknek) (1999)

Péter Lichter:

  • Pure Virtual Function (2015)
  • No Signal Detected (2013)
  • Rimbaud (2014)
  • Polaroids (Polaroidok) (2014)
  • Pure Virtual Fiction (2015)
  • Look inside the ghost machine (2012)

Location: Bem Cinema, Budapest, Hungary

Date: 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm, 7 March 2015.

Entry fee: 500 Ft

More information: facebook event.


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