1974/1971 –  buharov


Nándor Hevesi (Ivan Buharov) graduated in 2007 at the Dharma Gate Buddhist University, Budapest and got his teacher degree of visual culture at Esterházy Károly College in 2011.

Kornél Szilágyi (Ivan Buharov) graduated in 2010 at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department.

Ivan and Igor Buharov have been producing and directing several films and music projects (Pop Ivan) together. In 1995, with Vasile Croat and István Nyolczas, they formed the 40 Labor “Multi-artist” Group which made performances, events, actions, exhibitions, concerts, multimedia works. Their surrealistic avant-garde films dance on the edge of fine art and cinematic art with emphasis on social and political criticism.



  • Most of the souls that live here (Az itt élő lelkek nagy része) (2016)
  • Rudderless (Kormányeltörésben) (2011)
  • Johnny and the goosies (Jancsika és libuskák) (2009)
  • Mothmilk (Molytej) (2009)
  • Stages of Birth (A szülés fokozatai) (2008)
  • Slow Mirror (Lassú tükör) (2007)
  • Oneheadword Protection (Egyvezérszavas védelem) (2006)
  • Hotel Tubu (2002)
  • Tales for Cruel People (Mesék kegyetlen embereknek) (1999)
  • Wake Up Mumu (1997)
  • Kuszkusz (1997)
  • Goodbye Mama! (1997)
  • Monday (1996)
  • Sunday (1995)
  • Cannes (1994)