Czech experimental animation films and video art works at PAF 2014


PAF – Festival of Film Animation is a four-day festival of film animation and modern art held annually in December in Olomouc. (This year between December 4 and 7).

The festival of film animation deals with a wide conception of animation phenomena in the context of cinematography, media studies and visual arts. Here are the terms that rank among the key words and the leading topics: animation, archiving, audiovisual art, database, design, digital culture, experimental film, intermediality, cinematography, presentation, motion picture, remediation, video art.

The festival of film animation came into existence in 2000 and takes place in the university city of Olomouc. Since 2008, the organization team’s activities have lasted throughout the whole year. It is a unique platform in the Czech Republic within which new technologies and the traditions of film animation are functionally combined in modern art and in film production. The festival of film animation is, in the long term, open to collaboration with international film festivals, galleries and museums, archives and digital databases.

PAF is put together by a professional team and every year students of film, theatre and media studies, who have the opportunity to enforce their own curatorial programmes, are challenged to cooperate. The uniquely European atmosphere of the festival is supported by the academic background. The festival has its own editorial series and a database of films and videos supported by the production.

For a detailed program visit PAF website.



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