Czech experimental shorts at FAMUfest 2014


FAMUfest, the annual review of all FAMU production is entirely designed, directed and organized by students, in various locations in Prague. The festival’s style differs each year, what mostly remains is a competition in many categories. Jury members are traditionally recruited from people not teaching at FAMU. The festival takes place between November 26 and 30. in Kino Světozor, Prague.

In the experimental section there are twelve films made by Czech students.

Vojtěch Žák: Juggling images I (2014)
Dalibor Knabb: The Set (2014)
Anna Kryvenko: Silently Like A Comet (2014)
Anna Lyubynetska: Kyiv Prague (2014)
Jakub Felcman: Poetry Session (2014)
Adéla Kudlová: Imprint (2014)
Kristina Kitti Nedvědová: Experiment domov (2014)
Jan Kačena: раньше будущее было только продолжением насто¤щего (2014)
Kilián Kuděla: Distance (DXM) (2014)
Ondřej Belica: Ariel (2014)
Andran Abramjan: Arguments (2014)
Mikuláš Karpeta: Alternate (2014)

For more information, visit: FAMUfest official website.


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