Distribution of experimental films in Visegrad countries – Visegrad Accelerator JIhlava IDFF 2016



Experimental films and videos are dedicated their own space at festivals; in some countries they are presented by specialised distribution companies as well as galleries. However, film festivals (where works are shown as single film screenings) and gallery spaces (where they are usually presented in loops and using various technologies) have different approaches, selection criteria and politics when it comes to experimental titles. At the same time, these presentation methods cannot be separated – on the contrary – many authors produce works to be fit for cinema screenings as well as gallery display (or in versions suitable for these presentation methods). What is the situation in Visegrad countries? Where can be experimental films and videos seen in these countries, what are the typical ways of their presentation and where and how are they made available to viewers, journalists and film theorists?


  • Dorottya Szalay, film theorist, Hungary
  • Urszula Lipinska, journalist, Spark Magazine, Poland
  • Andrea Slováková, programmer of Jihlava IDFF and curator of Conference Fascinations, Slovakia


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