1937 –



Dóra Maurer is one of the key representatives of the Hungarian experimental film scene scene. With an emphasis in photography, film and graphic design Maurer has made a household name for herself in the art world. She studied graphics and painting at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts (1955-1961). She received a scholarship to Vienna in 1967 and till 1996 has been living in Vienna and Budapest, since 1996 only in Budapest. Her work has alternated fluidly between process-based printmaking experiments and mark-making procedures that favor indeterminable outcomes, on the one hand, and, on the other, formal investigations of rule-based compositional logic and geometric abstraction. Since 1990 she has been teaching at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE). She is a member of Balázs Béla Studio where she directed several experimental films. “Maurer’s films are ‘variable systems,’ which is to say that they do not document predetermined processes.”



  • Inter Images (1990)
  • Timing (Időmérés) (1988)
  • Creativity, Visuality (Kreativitás, vizualitás) (1987)
  • Views (Nézetek) (1985)
  • Space Painting (Térfestés) (1983)
  • The Seven Tests (Hétpróba) (1982)
  • Tercets (Triolák) (1981)
  • Kalah (1980)
  • Proportions (1979)
  • Recollection, Study I. (Emlékezés – Civil Macbeth etűd I.) (1977)
  • Relative Swings (Relatív lengések) (1973)
  • Looking for Dózsa (Keressük Dózsát) (1973)
  • Learned Spontaneous Movements (Megtanult önkéntelen mozdulatok) (1973)