Central and Eastern European experimental films at Fresh Film Fest 2014



Slovak dance film and Polish abstract animation in the short film competition program of FFS, Theatre Optique.

“The international competition of animated and experimental film consists of 24 films. Their authors use various forms, materials and techniques; ranging from traditional 2D or 3D animation and computer generated graphics to photographs, archive footage or work with the video itself. The stories are often overshadowed by moods, atmospheric dreams and portrayal of fragments; abstraction, the surreal and real heroes.”

Andrea Sudorová: Adelaars (2013)

Adelaars has its origins in a choreography inspired by a Mongolian ritual dance. The creation and flight of an eagle is the metaphore of the cycle of life in nature. The dance originally performed by men is substitued by a female principle. Woman sustains and protects life, fulfills it with love. The end of the film expresses the imperishability of human soul, which soars in the form of an eagle.

Location: Kino Svetozor, Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 4.30 pm. 18. September 2014


Piotr Żołądź: Geometric Study (2013)

A synthesis of abstract bodies. Employing various sequences in time, features rhythm marked by succession of strong and weak elements in different correlations.

Location: Kino Svetozor, Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 4.30 pm. 19. September 2014



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