Experimental film programs at the 27th Mediawave



The Mediawave International Film and Music Gathering (27. April 2017 – 1. May 2017) is a free-spirited artistic and community-oriented festival in the historic Fort Monostor in Komárom, by the River Danube. The focus is on original, new and independent thought that is reflected in film as well as in jazz, improvised, ethno and folk music performances. The program includes film, photography and music workshops, exhibitions and several community-forming initiatives.

As always Mediawave pays special attention to the exhibition of formal experimentation in film. This year’s selection includes three film programs focusing on non-narrative cinema.


  • Réka BUCSI (HUN) Love 15.min
  • Gábor ULRICH (HUN): Balansz / Balance 6 min.
  • Péter BÓNÉ (HUN): Csomópontok / Nodes 3 min.
  • Péter LICHTER (HUN):Non-Places:Beyond the Infinites 6min.
  • Gergő KARKECZ (HUN): Hangok a másik oldalról / Voices from the other side 3 min.
  • Csaba MONORY & Gábor IMRE (HUN): Ende 1 min.
  • Bori MÁTÉ (HUN): The Headless Appearance 3 min.
  • Tamás KŐSZEGI(HUN): The Copyist – A Másoló 8 min.
  • Réka SZABÓ (HUN): Gyászfilm / Mourning 10 min.
  • Zoltán BOGDÁN (HUN): Grouptango 4 min.

NOTE: this list does not include the narrative animation films of the program.


  • Tomer HEYMANN (ISR, SWE, GER, NED): Mr. Gaga 100 min.


  • Werner BIEDERMANN (GER): Jamais-vu 4 min.
  • Teymur DAIMI (AZE): Penjere / Window / Ablak 11 min.
  • Konstantin VIHREV-SMIRNOV (USA, RUS): Dar /The Gift 22 min.
  • Irvin CASTRO & Goga RIVEROS (CHI): La Ruta Natural/ The Natural Route 5 min.
  • Bori MÁTÉ (HUN): The Headless Appearance 3 min.
  • Darko VIDACKOVIC (HRV): Machinae Novae 002 9 min.
  • Tamás KŐSZEGI (HUN): The Copyist – A Másoló 8 min.
  • Theodore USHEV (CAN): Sonambulo 5 min.
  • Ruslan YULTAEV (RUS): Three Letters 31 min.
  • Alexander STEWART (HRV, USA): Here There 5min.
  • Melanie BEISSWENGER (GER): Body Experiments 1 min.
  • Boris SEEWALD (GER): Disco 2 min.
  • Réka SZABÓ (HUN): Gyászfilm / Mourning 10 min.
  • Boris SEEWALD (GER): Spark 2 min.
  • Zoltán BOGDÁN(HUN): Grouptango 4 min

For more details: check the Calendar.



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