Film. Directed by Artists 2.



The exhibition FILM. Directed by Artists 2 subtitled Film in Contemporary Art is a follow-up of the successful project that started last year under the same title in the Nitra Gallery. Last year the exhibition presented 23 works by 19 authors. The topic that the exhibition developed seems to be still open and there are questions that have not been explored. The exhibition proved that these are topical issues. The purpose of the exhibition echoes similar foreign exhibition projects accomplished recently (e.g. Found Footage: Cinema Exposed, EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam, 2012).

The purpose of the exhibition project FILM. Directed by Artists 2 focuses, like its first part, on the identification and selection of contemporary national and foreign authors who in their works reflect on the specific phenomenon – film that since its invention at the end of the 19th C has changed the character of our culture significantly.

The aim of the exhibition is not only to examine the relations between contemporary visual art, classical film and video image but also to identify and analyse and present various attributes of film art that are integrated in the works of contemporary artists across the whole spectrum of media including drawing, print, painting, photography, objects, installations, and performance. In contrast to numerous national and foreign exhibitions that showcased autonomous videos and films created by visual artists the submitted project aims at such artworks that were influenced by film medium, however, they do not have to have necessarily the film or video form.

The exhibition will be divided into several thematic groups that can be linked to the phenomena explored already in a pilot project. Topics such as found footage (appropriated film), remediation (transcript from medium to medium), archaeology of media (deconstruction of history, recycling of VHS tape), film as an event (film trailers, thematisation of film ending) will be expanded by other strategies. The exhibition presents the works that interestingly develop the work with found footage and appropriated film (Jiří Příhoda, András Cséfalvay) including usage of its sound (Eva Filová) or are built on the transcription of moving medium of film into the static medium of painting and print (Jana Farmanová, Marie Harnett). The works using the form of storyboard – picture screen play (Ágnes Szépfalvi & Csaba Nemes) combined with the elements of comics trip (Petra Herotová) or those that reflect on a film studio structure (Kamera Skura, Olja Triaška Stefanovič) will be a significant part of the exhibition. The exhibition examines the relation between film and visual art and therefore the works using time as an important element (Sylva Francová, Kateřina Václavková, Jan Lesák) or examine the relation between the physiology of sight and film (Pavel Sterec) are an integral part of it.

The aim of the exhibition is to present those phenomena and authorial strategies where film as a technique played an important role and became a tool to articulate specific artistic problems, including feminist interpretation of national film production (Eva Filová), it, however, does not map the history of the relationship between film and visual art.

Location: Nitra Gallery, Nitra, Slovakia
Open: 10. October 2013 – 24. November 2013.

Mira Gáberová: Between (2005)

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