1907 – 1988


Franciszka Themerson was a painter, illustrator, film-maker and stage designer. Between 1918-1922 she studied at the Warsaw Music Academy, then painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw from where she graduated in 1931 with great distinction.


She met her husband Stefan Themerson in Warsaw in the late 1920s. Around 1930 they started to collaborate in experiments in photography and film, and became pioneer members of the Polish cinematic avant-garde. Their early works, many of which are now lost, combined an innovative use of photograms, photography and photo-collage techniques. In addition to their five experimental films (only one of which survives), Stefan and Franciszka were party to much of the debate around film and art during their time in Warsaw. They co-founded the Film Authors’ Co-operative (SAF) to provide workshops, screenings and discussions for like-minded artists and filmmakers. Working within SAF, the Themersons designed and published f.a. magazine, a journal of avant-garde film.The Themersons moved to Paris in 1937 and to London in 1942. They founded the Gaberbocchus Press. Franciszka was art editor of the press, illustrated all of Stefan’s titles and many others, and published two or three books of her prolific drawings.



  • The Eye and the Ear (Oko i Ucho) (1945) – with Stefan Themerson
  • Calling Mr. Smith (Wzywając pana Smitha) (1943) – with Stefan Themerson
  • The Adventure of a Good Citizen (Przygoda czlowieka poczciwego) (1937) – with Stefan Themerson
  • Europa (1931-1932) – with Stefan Themerson
  • Pharmacy (Apteka) (1930) – with Stefan Themerson



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