FULL OF FIRE – North American and Eastern European avant-garde films



The aim of the program is to create a bridge between the “Western” and the “Eastern” contemporary avant-garde film discourse. “We picked a few of the most memorable North American avant-garde films made in the last few years and looked for Eastern European ones which somehow refer or connect to them by following a similar trend or technique.”

As the overall picture of the contemporary avant-garde film scene is extremely complex, each selection is inevitably subjective and reflects the taste and preferences of the curators.

The screening is an official event of OFF Biennale Budapest.

Organizers: Péter Lichter and Dorottya Szalay


Dalibor Baric: The Horror of Dracula (2010) 3’20 – Croatia
Katarzyna Płazińska: Chapri (2014) 6’24 – Poland
Kryštof Pešek: The Return/Navrát (2006) 6’26 – Czech Republic
Mihai Grecu & Thibault Gleize: Glucose (2012) 7’18 – Romania
Milan Balog: 1.35. (2003) 8′ – Slovakia
Péter Klausz: Hanna (2013) 7’40 – Hungary



Stephen Broomer: Spirits in Seasons (2013) 12’17 – USA
Scott Fitzpatrick: Places with meaning (2013) 2’50 – USA
Rhayne Vermette: Full of Fire (2014) 2’14 – Canada
Tomonari Nishikawa: 45 7 Broadway (2013) 5’ – USA
Jeremy Moss: The Blue Record (2014) 16’37 – USA
Bryan Boyce: Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver (2014) 4’31 – USA


The films will be screened with English subtitles.
The discussion will be held in Hungarian.


Location: Hátsó Kapu, 13 Dohány street, Budapest
Date: 6.00 pm. 28. May 2015.
Facebook event (in Hungarian)



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