Hungarian experimental films in Canada



This screening was initiated by Aaron Zeghers one of the leading figures of Winnipeg’s thriving underground film scene. The event will take place in The Bandwidth Theatre on February 9, 2016.

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“An Exercise In Remembering – The contemporary Hungarian experimental cinema”

Peter Lichter: Pure Virtual Function (2015)…2’
Peter Lichter: Non-Places: Beyond Infinite (2016)…6’
Gyula Nemes: Lost Word (2004)…20’
Igor and Ivan Buharov: Hotel Tubu (2002)…5’
Réka Bucsi: Symphony No. 42 (2014)…10’
Péter Klausz: Hanna (2012)…7’
Peter Lichter: Polaroids (2015)…13

curated by: Péter Lichter

Date: 7pm, 9. February 2016.
Location: Open City Cinema, Winnipeg, Canada



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