Hungarian experimental films in New York


With the Eyes of Others: Hungarian Artists of the Sixties and Seventies presents more than one hundred works by thirty artists active in the Hungarian Neo-avant-garde in the latter half of the 20th Century. Organized by New York-based guest curator András Szántó, this is the first large-scale exhibition in the United States devoted to a fertile yet underappreciated period in Hungarian art. Against the backdrop of an authoritarian system, which placed strict ideological limits on free expression, this group of artists found diverse and inventive ways in which to encrypt and express powerful messages in the face of the constrained social, cultural, and political reality of their time.

The exhibition presents three experimental films: Dóra Maurer‘s Proportions (1976), Katalin Ladik’s Poemin (1980) and Ferenc Ficzek’s Exists Left Behind (1981).

The exhibition runs until 11 August.

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