Hungarian experimental films – Screening and discussion in Prague



The first official event of artinCINEMA will take place on 27th of January in Prague’s Bela Studio. The event is supported by the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, the guest is Péter Lichter, one of the most prominent filmmakers of the contemporary Hungarian experimental film scene.

Even after the BBS era Hungarian experimental film still exists and shows a wide variety of techniques and topics. This selection introduces a few of the most memorable experimental films made in the last 15 years.

Péter Lichter is one of the leading figures of contemporary Hungarian experimental film. He uses found footage super 8 and 35 mm material to create abstract and lyrical films. His main subject is the history and theory of cinema, the structure of personal memory and human behavior. His films were screened at several prestigious festivals, venues and galleries worldwide.

Moderator: Dorottya Szalay


Péter Lichter: No Signal Detected (2013) 3’
Lehel Oláh: Gubera (2003) 25’
István Illés: track32 (2010) 4’
Péter Lichter: Light Sleep (2009) 7’
Gyula Nemes: The Dike of Transience (2004) 13’
László Hegedűs 2: Poetry (2004) 4’
Buharov brothers: Hotel Tubu (2002) 5′
Kornél Mundruczó: Little Apocrypha no.1. (2004) 6’
Péter Lichter: Polaroids (2014) 14’

After the screening there will be a discussion with Péter Lichter about his oeuvre and the present and the future of Hungarian avant-garde cinema.

Admission is free.

The event will be held in English.

LocationBela Studio – Balassi Institute
Time: 27 January 2015, 7.30 pm.

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