Hungarian music video/trance film in 2014 Raindance competition program



The official music video for Lamb’s Wise Enough, recalling the features of an avant-garde film trend what P. Adams Sitney defined as trance film, was created by an international team based in Hungary, the a:normal sessions and had been selected for the 2014 Raindance Film Festival competition program.

About the project:

“An alchemy of vibration and light straight From the beating heart of Hungary, Pest side, Budapest…”

The a:normal sessions is a live music video project founded by experimental film maker Vandad Kashefi in 2010. Working in all genres, their mission is to film live music videos for all the most interesting musical acts in Hungary and beyond.

Wise Enough shows the rebirth of a heart depicted as a metaphysical journey from the slow decay of an industrial desert to the ethereal embrace of the sea.

Get more info on Raindance Film Festival website.
More videos on a:normal sessions website.



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