1951 – 2009 istvan_antal


István Antal Juszuf was one of the key figures of the Hungarian underground art scene. He was a performer, a filmmaker and a teacher, famous of his wide knowledge of modern art and film history. He graduated from the Eötvös Lóránt University Faculty of Law in 1997, then started working as a dramaturg in the Pannonia Film Studio. He was the editor of the Pannonia Film Journal (Pannónia Film Híradó). He joined the Balázs Béla Studio around 1980 where he made several shorts and later became a board member. He worked as a dramaturg in Péter Halász‘s 2006 film Herminafield – Apparitions.  In 1993 Jonas Mekas made an experimental short featuring Juszuf, called The Secret Life of István (István titkos élete).


  • Chess (Sakk) (1997)
  • Order Gives Anything’s Spirit (Rend a lelke mindennek) (1993) – with István ef Zámbó
  • Tag (Fogócska) (1993)
  • Game Over (Gép over) (1994)
  • Clearness Makes Half of the Health (Tisztaság fél egészség) (1987) with István ef Zámbó
  • The Black Cat (A fekete macska) (1987)
  • The Swan (A hattyú) (1986)
  • Andor Weininger (Weininger Andor) (1985)
  • Calvary (Kálvária) (1982)