1971 – jan_danhel

Czech Republic

Jan Daňhel is a filmmaker, a self-taught photographer and a teacher. He graduated from FAMU’s Department of Editing in 1995 where he works as a lecturer. Since 1995 he has been a member of the Czech and Slovak Surrealists Group. He is the co-founder of the creative association Argentum Vivum and the author of many separate photographic exhibitions, including Scientific Interview (Vědecký rozhovor), Why Not Try Arranged Photography? (Proč třeba nezkusit aranžovanou fotografii?) and Jacobson’s Diary (Jakobsonův deník). He studies the phenomenon of play, attention and objective humor. He publishes in the cultural magazine Analogon, specializing in surrealism and psychoanalysis. He has collaborated with Martin Čihák on several films.