Jiří Lehovec


1909 – 1995 jiri_lehovec

Czech Republic

Jiří Lehovec was a documentary filmmaker, director and photographer. He is considered one of the founders of Czech documentary film, and has been called a “poet of the everyday.” He got to filmmaking as an avant-garde intellectual whose interests embraced electrotechnology, art history and aesthetics, film and photography. From 1927 to 1929 he spent four semesters studying at the Technical University in Brno the he moved to Prague to study history of art and aesthetics at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University. As a student he began writing criticism and reviews for the Student Magazine and got involved in the avant-garde groups and circles such as Devětsil, Filmklub, the Left Front, the Czech amateur photography club and SVU Mánes. As a photographer he collaborated with Alexandr Hackenschmied and Ladislav Emil Berka but soon moved to film. He worked as cameraman at the Military Technical Institute, was a key personality of the cultural department of AB Company and continued filmmaking at Baťa Studios in Zlín and finally participated in the production of feature films as assistant director. After the war, he co-founded Prague Short Film and made short documentary and popular-scientific films. From the sixties he taught documentary film at FAMU. He made his short experimental films during the Second World War.


  • Rhythm (Rytmus) (1941)
  • The Thaumaturgic Eye (Divotvorné oko) (1939)


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