1947 – laszlo_felugossy


László feLugossy is a painter, actor, performance artist, writer, screenwriter, singer and filmmaker, a known representative of the Eastern-European avant-garde scene. He’s an autodidactic artist. After finishing secondary school he studied photography. He’s been a member of the Vajda Lajos Stúdió in Szentendre since 1972. Also member of Art Foundation since 1982, and of the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists – since 1989. Between 1979 and 1986 he was the singer and songwriter of the Hungarian underground band  A.E. Bizottság which was formed by a group of visual and multimedia artists and amateur musicians. He was awarded the Munkácsy díj in 1990, and the Hincz Gyula prize from the Neufeld Anna Alapítvány in 1991. He made most of his short experimental films in the Balázs Béla Studio.



  • Neo-Stag (Neoszarvasbika) (1992)
  • Long Live the Expanding World (Éljen a világ és táguljon) (1991)
  • Self Control (Önuralom) (1988)