Marko Tadić among the award winners at this year’s 25 FPS



Marko Tadic’s Moving Elements received the 25 FPS organizers award at this year’s festival.

“Marko Tadic’s Moving Elements focuses on the creative processes that lead to making art. A car passes through all the stages of creative art process and becomes part of art works, as well as a player in abstract processes of creating. The film is meant as a tribute to filmmakers and films made in the golden age of the Zagreb School of Animation. To a certain extent it uses a visual language characteristic of the period – the 1960s and the 1970s.”

Full list of awards

Grand Prix

  • An Old Dog’s Diary, 12′ – Shumona Goel, Shai Heredia (2015) IN
  • As Without So Within, 24′ – Manuela De Laborde (2016) US/MX/UK
  • The Mess, 14′ – Peter Burr (2016) US

Critics Award

  • The Mess, 14′ – Peter Burr (2016) US

Audience Awards

  • E, 18′ – Helena Ungaretti, Miguel Antunes Ramos, Alexandre Wahrhaftig (2014) BR


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