1964 – martin_cihak

Czech Republic

Martin Čihák is a filmmaker, teacher and film theorist based in Prague. He graduated from Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and from FAMU’s Department of Editing in 1993. He got his Ph.D. from Charles University, Department of Film Studies in 2004. In his dissertation he analyzed the compositional techniques of the avant-garde film. He has worked as an independent filmmaker since the mid-1980s. His writings have appeared in Kino Ikon, Cinepur and Iluminace magazine. In 2013 he published a book on experimental film called, The Underground River of Cinema (Ponorná řeka kinematografie). He has collaborated with Alice Růžičková and Jan Daňhel on several different projects. Currently he teaches at FAMU’s Department of Editing and organizes analogue hand-made film workshops.