1978 – michal_kindernay

Czech Republic

Michal Kindernay is an intermedia artist working with interactive connections of sound, image, and other inputs, in an environment of (not only) computer applications designed for work with sound and image. He graduated from Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts in 2009 and from FAMU’s Center for Audiovisual Studies in 2012. His works include video performances, installations and interactive projects. Among his latest art projects is Wind*Box and interdisciplinary Camera Altera project. Both use the methods of environmental sensors based recordings of audio and visuals and have social and ecological aspects. He is one of the founders or yo-yo non profit organization, member of Kravin “KRA” collective and Školská 28 gallery in Prague. He lives in Prague.



  • Heliophilia #7 (2015)
  • Angular Landscapes (2012)
  • Astronomical Studies (Astronomické studie) (2011) – with Ondřej Vavrečka, Kalivoda, Glaser and Diringerová
  • Corcula via Dubrovnik (Korčula via Dubrovnik) (2010)
  • Pollution Movies (2009) – with Gívan Belá
  • Racka (2009)
  • Melée (2009) – with Barbora Švarcová
  • Dubrovnik Studies I. (2009)
  • Budapest Story (2009)



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