1928 – 1986 miklos_erdely


Miklós Erdély was an influential Hungarian neo-avant-garde architect, artist, writer, poet, theorist, and filmmaker. He was an important catalyst of the unofficial Hungarian art scene during the 1960s, 70s and early 80s. He is considered one of the foremost pioneers who introduced Fluxus, Conceptual art, installation and semiotics to artists in Hungary. From 1946 he studied sculpting at the Academy of Fine Art Budapest. In 1963 he was accepted to the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest but he could not start his studies. His films combined experimental visual language with taboo subject matter, most of them were made in Balázs Béla Studio. Erdély was the leader of several creativity courses, like FAFEJ and INDIGO which grew into a group called Indigo Group whose members were interested in questions concerning the functions and possibilities of art and considered these inseparable from creative thinking in society and life as well.

  • Train Trip (Vonatút) (1981)
  • Version (Verzió) (1981)
  • Dream Reconstructions (Álommásolatok) (1977)
  • Partita (1974)