1980 – vavrecka_ondrej

Czech Republic

Ondřej Vavrečka is a filmmaker, musician, a performance artist and stage director based in Prague. He majored in languages, and graduated with a master’s degree from the Center of Audiovisual Studies at Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he continues his doctoral studies. “He is fascinated by the miracle of reality, the variable nature of which is dealt with in his largely conceptual structures, which mingle with the processes of calculation, intuition and a chance.”


  • De Potentia Dei (2016)
  • Brooklyn – Manhattan (2012)
  • Astronomical Studies (Astronomické studie) (2011) – with Michal Kindernay, Kalivoda, Glaser and Diringerová
  • Seven Ears of Zodiac (Sedm uší zvířetníku) (2007)
  • Novosti dnja (2006)