The Best Czech Experimental Documentary 2015 – Winner of 19th Jihlava IDFF



Anna Kryvenko‘s Listen to the Horizon (Poslechnout horizont) was awarded The Best Czech Experimental Documentary 2015 at Jihlava IDFF.

Jurors: Emmanuel Lefrant, Elene Gui

Jury statement: “Anna Kryvenko’s Listen to the Horizon builds up, through a complex and balanced montage, a political dramaturgy, raising fundamental questions that make the film a genuine witness of its time.”

Synopsys: This documentary found footage essay, made up of recycled video snippets, deals with the cold and detached depiction of war in the media and in cyberspace. During daily media operations, the terrifying, irrational, and monotonous machinery changes an event, giving it importance as needed. Yet it maintains a consistent distance from the comfort of our screens, oversaturated and dulled by an unsettling mishmash of images.

Anna Kryvenko (1986) is originally from Ukraine, but has lived in Prague for the past six years. She is currently studying at the Centre for Audiovisual Studies at FAMU. At the Jihlava IDFF she has presented her experimental films Speech But No Words (2012) and Silent as a Comet (2014).



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