1949 – zbigniew_rybczyński


Zbigniew Rybczyński aka ‘Big Zbig’ is a Polish filmmaker and multimedia artist. After finishing his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw, he worked for a period of time at the Studio Miniatur Filmowych [the Miniature Film Study]. In 1969 he enrolled at the Lodz Film School, where he was active in the Workshop of Film Form [Warsztat Formy Filmowej], the leading Polish avant-garde group. In Lodz he worked as a cinematographer on educational, short and feature films then moved to Vienna where he set up a trick studio for an Austrian TV. Rybczyński was involved in the Solidarity movement in Poland. When martial law was declared, he received political asylum in Austria. After winning the Academy Award for Tango, he and his family moved to the United States where he founded his own production company, Zbig Vision (1987-1994). He directed music videos for several acclaimed artists, like John Lennon, Lou Reed, Simple Minds, Mick Jagger and the Supertramp. In the early 90’s he moved to Berlin to work at the CFB Zentrum to design new computer imaging techniques. Later on he went to Cologne to teach experimental film at the Media Arts Academy. In 2001, he returned to the US and currently lives in Los Angeles where he works for the Ultimatte Corporation.