1974 – zdzislaw_sosnowski


Zdzisław Sosnowski is an audio artist and performance artist, a photographer and experimental filmmaker currently based in Paris. He graduated from the State College of Fine Arts in Wrocław. He is considered one of the most active figures in neo-avant-garde movement, whose activity was situated on the border between notional and post-conceptual art. In Wrocław he co-created the Current Art Gallery artistic group and co-operated with the Permafo Gallery. In Warsaw he managed the Contemporary Gallery (together with Jacek Drabik and Janusz Haka) and later on he ran the Studio Gallery. He made most of his best known experimental films in the early seventies (some of them together with her wife Teresa Tyszkiewicz) which “anticipated his later attempts at investigating the photographic-film medium in the context of a maximal reduction of the sign and depriving it of any information from beyond its structure.”