1931 – 1981 zoltan_huszarik


Zoltán Huszárik was an influential Hungarian film director, visual artist and screenwriter. He studied directing at the School of Film and Dramatic Arts in Budapest (now: University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest) between 1949 and 1952. He was expelled most probably because his family was blamed to be Kulaks. Huszárik supported himself with temporary jobs but lived virtually at the poverty level, painting in his spare time. In 1957 he returned to the film industry as a set inspector. In 1959 he was allowed to continue his studies at the School of Film and Dramatic Arts, and he earned a diploma in 1961. He made his first professional short film in 1965 at Balázs Béla Studio entitled Elegy. This 20 minute long experimental short film was generally acclaimed as being the starting point of a new visual style in Hungarian filmmaking. (film poem / film symphony). He  directed numerous poetic short films and two feature films, from which the best known is Szindbád, an experimental feature film based on short stories by the symbolist writer Gyula Krúdy.


  • As You Like It (A Piacere) (1976)
  • Homage to Old Ladies (Tisztelet az öregasszonyoknak) (1971)
  • Capriccio (1969)
  • Elegy (Elégia) (1965)